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Repatriation of Loved One
A repatriation is where a deceased person is transported from either one state or one country to another so that funeral or memorial service can be performed, and the person be laid to rest.
This can either be the person dying overseas and needs to be repatriated back to Australia or passing in Australia and repatriated back to their place of birth.
Either way, a repatriation is an involved procedure of paperwork and logistical challenge.
Icon Funeral Services has extensive experience with repatriations and works closely with a wide network of funeral directors, both interstate and internationally and the required expertise and knowledge of different countries and their regulations.
Choosing Icon Funeral Services will give you peace of mind during that this difficult time is being handled with sensitivity and efficiency on your behalf. We will work with Consulate, Health Dept staff and Freight forwarding to prepare all documents, permits and travel arrange for the deceased for the journey overseas.
Once the transfer flight has been arranged, we will coordinate with the receiving funeral home overseas to ensure all requirements of the destination country are met and your loved is taken into their care.
The cost of a repatriation varies depending on consul or country requirements, flights, and choice of airlines.
Icon Funeral Services will discuss the options available to find the most cost-effective means for our families.

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