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Pre-Paid & Arranged Funerals

We can assist by bringing clarity to your choices, suggest creative and personalized ideas and guide you, without rush, to ensure your special funeral makes both economic and emotional sense.
A prepaid funeral is a funeral that is planned, contracted and paid for in advance with your selected funeral director. A prepaid funeral is also sometimes referred to as a “funeral plan” as it can be paid for in installments. Your prepaid funeral contract will specify all the details of your funeral service and all necessary costs, including but limited to the Type of service (i.e. Burial, Cremation or Repatriation).
Funeral plans are sound financial planning tools that protect your family by fixing the price of your farewell, allowing flexible payment terms, maximizing your pension entitlements and setting a cap on the cost of your farewell.
Speak with our Directors about arranging your pre paid funeral planning today.

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