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What Is A Cremation Service?
Simply put, cremation is the process of subjecting the body to high temperature and reducing it to ash and bone fragments. The cremated remains are then pulverized to a uniform powdery consistency and placed and sealed into urn. This process is carried out in a crematory within a crematorium.
A Cremation Service is one where the cremation takes place after a Funeral or Memorial Service is conducted. Service would include but not limited to readings, a sermon, prayers, viewing of the body, and so on and can be conducted in a funeral home, church, chapel, or some other location of your choice by your funeral director.
However, a direct cremation service or commonly referred to as a ‘No Service No Attendance’, can be arranged without having a funeral or memorial service. Here the loved one is taken directly to the crematorium for cremation.
Before a cremation though, there are formalities associated with obtaining cremation certificates and completing an application form which your funeral director would facilitate.
Once cremated, the ashes are returned to the family where they have a choice of scattering the cremated remains on land, air, water, interring them at a burial plot, or placing the ashes in a Columbarium or Mausoleum.
Cremation has been practiced since ancient times. In fact, in the ancient world, it was the most popular method of disposing of the dead. Thus, it is accepted in most religions, except Islam, Eastern Orthodox Church, and Judaism.

‘No Service No Attendance’
• Transfer of Deceased into our care (After Hour Transfer may incur an extra cost);
• Hygienic and Appropriate Preparation;
• Cremation Coffin;
• Cremation Documentation;
• Transport to Crematorium;
• Registration of Death Certificate;
• Deliver Ashes to Family in sealed a urn;
• Certification Documents;
Cost: $1760 including GST

‘Cremation Service’
• Transfer of Deceased into our care (After Hour Transfer may incur an extra cost);
• Hygienic, Appropriate Care and Dressing (clothes provided by Family);
• Polished Basic Coffin with stain of choice (Rosewood, Maple, Teak or White);
• Coffin Flower Arrangement and Farewell Roses;
• Hearse and Staff for Cremation Service;
• Clergy or Celebrant
• Cremation Permits
• Medical Referee
• Documentation
• Memorial Book;
• Order of Service of Memorial Cards
• Framed Photos of Deceased;
• Memorial Candle;
• Registration of Death Certificate;
Cost: $5,200.00 including GST

Not Including:
• Church and Chapel Fees
• Mourning Vehicles such as Limousine or Sedan;
• Newspaper Notice;

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